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Building a new concept for HIDS

HIDS’s purpose is to be a collective construction, with society’s participation. This form has the objective of collecting contributions on the concept(s) that should guide the construction of this hub for sustainable development and to receive suggestions about the activities that can be developed in the Argentine Farm and in its surroundings.

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Considering that the creation of an International Hub for Sustainable Development (HIDS) is an opportunity to consolidate the values highlighted by the UN in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, in your opinion, what would a sustainable and intelligent district be like?
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Which of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals do you consider to be a priority in the implementation of HIDS?
Considering the possibility of building a living laboratory at HIDS to test more sustainable solutions for both the university and the city, what importance (from 0 to 10, more importantly) would you give to each area that could be explored by HIDS? (Drag the slider to the desired position). The items listed below are examples, if you wish to suggest an area, please write on the line at the end of the question.
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1 - Environmental conservation and preservation

2 - Transition from "dirty" energy to clean energy

3 - Exponential technologies (biotechnology, artificial intelligence, robotics, IoT etc.)

4 - Science for global warming

5 - High technology for the health area

6 - Food safety

7 - Sustainable urbanism

8 - Education of the future

9 - Entrepreneurship and sustainable management

10 - Equity and respect for human values

How you and/or your institution could contribute to building HIDS?
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What would HIDS need to have so your institution can contribute?
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